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Hermione Merry and Henriette Kassay-Schuster

Dark Waves, 2016, HD video with Sound, 6 minutes 57 seconds (still image).

Frames of Seeing is an exhibition that explores stillness, transitions and relational zones that limit and stretch our visual perspectives. Curated by Nikki Lam and presenting works by Leela Schäuble, Hermione Merry and Henriette Kassay-Schuster, this exhibition will bring together two projects that transform Alpha60 Project space into a space for contemplation and an investigations into new frames for moving images.

Henriette Kassay-Schuster (b.Germany) and Hermione Merry are Melbourne-based video and installation artists who regularly collaborate. Their work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.

Nikki Lam is an independent curator and visual artist based in Melbourne. From video and installation, to writing and performance, Nikki’s practice engages in the complexity of belonging through the exploration of self, memory and space. Working primarily with the moving image, she is interested in exploring the translations of post-colonial identities and narratives in the hybrid world. 

Frames of Seeing
Alpha 60
Flinders Lane

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