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Our Mission

An incorporated not-for-profit, Nite Art was formed in 2013 to make art more accessible, collaborative and engaging for new and broader audiences via an innovative event and digital platform. As part of a wider global dialogue there is an opportunity to create new conversations about Melbourne’s cultural identity via greater collaborations, connectivity and immersion.

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Meet our Board

Left to Right Jason McQuoid, Andrea Nixon, Andrew Ashton, Deborah Stahle, our international visiting artist Fabian Knecht from Berlin and Todd Beavis.

Deborah Stahle – Chair
Founder Nite Art
Director, Artwalk Melbourne
Member of the Board Linden New Art
Andrea Nixon – Treasurer
Founding Partner Nite Art
Director, Nixon Counsel
Andrew Ashton
Founding Partner Nite Art
Creative Director, WorkArtLife
Jason Mcquoid
Founding Partner Nite Art
Creative Director, MYOB

Public Office
Work Art Life
Brand Creative

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