(18)...INSERT TEXT HERE ... :THUS ONE MIGHT ADD (BUT NOT THAT ITSELFMark Booth and Michael Graeve Percy Grainger: Freedom As _____Eric Demitriou & Herb Jercher, Is There A Hotline?, Antonia Sellbach, Julie Burleigh, Alison Bolger Real Life FantasiesGroup Show In BetweenKatherine Hubble, Michelle Stuart, Lauralai Wilson, Radha Russell and Dannielle Sturgeon-Eustace ​A Dodgy CongruityJulian Aubrey Smith​ Contaminant, FiguresSpencer Lai Aboriginal Commissioning ProgramArtists from Baluk Arts and Peter Waples-Crowe, Cassie Leatham and Donna Blackall The Other Film FestivalArts Centre Melbourne and The Other Film Festival Wild Rocks & Tamed PathwaysChristine Willcocks Level Playing FieldGroup Show Cyrus TangCyrus Tang Six PaintingsDane Lovett Suddenly woken by the sound of stillnessDavid Evans ExcavationElyse de Valle SPLITFabian Knecht Fast Fashion - The Dark Side of FashionFast Fashion Electro acoustic bug beatsFelicity Mangan and Stine Janvin Motland present Native Instrument Flowers VasetteGina Kalsbishis Distant RelativesGonzalo Ceballos Holding PatternHannah Quinlivan A Strange DanceHarley Manifold Frames of SeeingHermione Merry and Henriette Kassay-Schuster A Woman AloneJessica McElhinney Suburban Botanicals 2nd EditionJohn Holding Melbourne Readymade Still LifeJohn R. Neeson BLOODJordan Eagles Moments of love and apathyKai Wasikowski Coast Light - Recent PaintingsKen Smith Variation on Pieces of Home #1Kerri Wilson-McConchi The Opposite of WildKylie Stillman Frames of SeeingLeela Schauble Aesthetic PropagandaMarko Radosavljevic ExcavationMelanie Jayne Taylor Mmmm...mmmm.... Love is the desire to be immobileNick Ryrie Uprooting MandarinNikki Lam Recentre; sistersPaola Balla, Hannah Bronte, Tara-Rose Butterworth-Gonebale, Lorraine Connelly-Northey, Destiny Deacon, Lee Darroch, Hannah Gutchen and Kimba Thompson LanewayPhoenix Avian InterplanetarySam Leach Hair caught in Kangaroo PawSiying Zhou Trust For OneTeresa Hsieh Outdoor GalleryTodd Fernando/Wiradjuri, Pierra Van Sparkes/Bibbulman and Marley Holloway-Clarke Tracey Moffatt - Selected WorksTracey Moffatt Observed SignalZanny Begg, Caroline Garcia and Yandell Walton ExcavationZoe Scoglio

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