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Mark Booth and Michael Graeve

Mark Booth and Michael Graeve, (6) THE SPEED OF THE WORD SOUND. THE SOUND OF THE WORD SPEED (installation view Light Projects, Northcote), 2011, installation, dimensions vary, photo by Michael Graeve

The collaborative projects of Mark Booth and Michael Graeve respond to space, environment, time, and ideas, and (18) … Insert TEXT HERE at BLINDSIDE is their third shared experiment. They met in Chicago in 2005, and collaborated on a colourful project at Light Projects and on a performance instruction or A Transcendental Fissure in the Immanent Fabric of Things. They perform the exhibition context as a layered laboratory to investigate the bringing-together and pushing apart of sound, image, text and space. Their works engage with lists and variations, similarities and profanities. In regards to lists, they might be up to point (18), where they will Insert TEXT HERE. The project doubts not the possibility, but certainly the logics of representation and likewise representations of logic…: If the result is that one finds concepts in words, or sounds in painting, or visual ideas in sound, then it’s likely to do happen through a nearly absurdist juxtaposition and layering. Thus one might add (but not that itself.

Mark Booth is an interdisciplinary artist. His work in language, image, and sound explores the tensions between imagination, observation, description, invention and error. Booth teaches creative writing and sound art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited, played, and performed his work in a variety of established and obscure venues.

Michael Graeve is a Melbourne visual and sound artist, exhibiting and performing internationally. He works across painting and sound through easel painting, site-specific installation, painting and sound installation, sound performance and composition. Michael is committed to artist-run culture, being chair of Liquid Architecture since 2011, and previously as board member and program manager at West Space and as founding member of Grey Area Art Space. Michael lectures at RMIT University in Sound, Sculpture, Expanded Studio Practice and in the Master of Fine Arts program. He was a Samstag Scholar, and held the Australia Council ISCP studio in 2005.

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