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Mark Booth and Michael Graeve (18)...INSERT TEXT HERE ... :THUS ONE MIGHT ADD (BUT NOT THAT ITSELF Group Show Real Life Fantasies Katherine Hubble, Michelle Stuart, Lauralai Wilson, Radha Russell and Dannielle Sturgeon-Eustace In Between Artists from Baluk Arts and Peter Waples-Crowe, Cassie Leatham and Donna Blackall Aboriginal Commissioning Program Arts Centre Melbourne and The Other Film Festival The Other Film Festival David Evans Suddenly woken by the sound of stillness Fast Fashion Fast Fashion - The Dark Side of Fashion Felicity Mangan and Stine Janvin Motland present Native Instrument Electro acoustic bug beats Harley Manifold A Strange Dance Jessica McElhinney A Woman Alone John Holding Suburban Botanicals 2nd Edition John R. Neeson Melbourne Readymade Still Life Marko Radosavljevic Aesthetic Propaganda mmmm.... Mmmm... Nick Ryrie Love is the desire to be immobile Nikki Lam Uprooting Mandarin Paola Balla, Hannah Bronte, Tara-Rose Butterworth-Gonebale, Lorraine Connelly-Northey, Destiny Deacon, Lee Darroch, Hannah Gutchen and Kimba Thompson Recentre; sisters Siying Zhou Hair caught in Kangaroo Paw Tracey Moffatt Tracey Moffatt - Selected Works Zanny Begg, Caroline Garcia and Yandell Walton Observed Signal

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