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Zoe Scoglio

Zoe Scoglio, Land Forms II, 2015. Video Still.

Elyse de Valle | Zoe Scoglio | Melanie Jayne Taylor
Curated by Simone Hine and Kyle Weise

Excavation brings together three artists whose work sits between the certainty of objects and the intangibility of our brief encounters with them. Alongside their own work, the artists will draw upon the University of Melbourne’s Cultural Collection to investigate the archive as an evolving process, where objects are altered by our interactions with them.

Zoe Scoglio is an artist working with performance, video, sound, and installation to create interdisciplinary, site-responsive and participatory work. Her practice explores how the narratives we create about our idea of humanness impact the way we commodify, consume and value the natural world and its resources. In response to this epoch of the Anthropocene, Scoglio creates work that focuses on the way our lives and physical form are intrinsically interconnected with the geological world. Her work could be described as a speculative re-imagining of scientific understanding, juxtaposing and uniting human and geological scale, timeframes and materiality.

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